Culture of Achievement (COA) Resources

The Culture of Achievement system is a collection of programs that are employed individually or in various groupings based on the needs of a classroom, school, academy, or district.  At present these programs include:
    •    Managing Student Behavior
    •    Goal-Focused Communication
    •    Healthy School Climate
The following resources may be of value to you and your organization.  These tend to be overarching in nature.  Click on the box to view the resource.

Supporting Student Achievement

A premise that Metis operates under is that students must become “Self-Regulated” and self-regulation requires two aspects to be in evidence in each classroom and school particularly at the secondary level.  Self-regulation is based on:
    •    Behavior that based on well-communicated school and classroom expected behaviors that are taught to students by educators
    •    Goal-Focused students
Given these two aspects, there is a civil classroom and school environment that enables time for educators to have productive, goal-focused conversations with students.  Further, the classroom and school becomes a place where there is respect for learning, people, and property and that environment leads to one which is safe, happy, and productive.
Metis has created what is loosely described as a continuum for educators to view their existing environment and from comparison to levels within the continuum determine where they need to apply professional development resources.  There is a goal level of “6” which is when levels 3, 4, and 5 are operational.  Metis provides professional development programs that assure levels 3, 4, and 5 functioning.