Every school needs a consciously crafted, school-level, Culture Of Achievement – a safe, happy, and productive environment in which students, staff, and parents function.  This is something we at Metis believe in.  It is our mission to help school teams create and sustain such a culture.

These are not mere words; they represent conscious actions.  In order to create a Culture of Achievement, leaders and staff need simple-to-use tools, which focus on the need for:

Managing Student Behavior
Educators need to create and implement behavioral procedures that teach students to be self-regulated and become respectful of learning, people, and property.  Unless there is a civil classroom and school environment, little learning will take place.  That’s just the reality!  Self-regulated people act in a civil manner, showing respect for others and for property, in a society where all can live safely and be productive.

Goal Focused Communication
Educators need to engage students productively in a manner that causes students to focus on their own goals: career, school, and classroom. Consequently, students start taking responsibility for their own learning.

A Healthy School Climate
Leaders need to bring students, staff, and parents together to remedy jointly identified challenges that keep their school from being safe, happy, and productive.  They need a simple process that can become a natural and ongoing collaboration.

These tools must be simple to learn and implement. They must be so practical that educators begin using them immediately and sustainably.  When this occurs, such tools become the basis for an institutionalized Culture of Achievement.  These habits of achievement—for children and adults alike—become  “just the way we do things here.”