Teachers, parents, and the students themselves crave a school climate that fosters student success.  In order for a school to have a culture of achievement, it must be safe, happy, and productive.  The creative power in the hands of informal leaders (parents, teachers, and students) can be harnessed in collaborative teams focused on self-identified healthy school climate goals.

The core tool employed to achieve a safe, happy, and productive culture of achievement is the use of the planning version of Goal-Focused Communication.  This planning occurs within three constituent teams: Parents, Students, and Staff. These teams are facilitated by the principal or other formal or informal leader and jointly develop a plan to address one area and, then, work that plan using the resources of their constituencies.

Team members become extensions of school leadership and bring others together toward the end of creating and sustaining a safe, happy, and productive school climate.  Use of the process builds capacity and assures sustainability.